Founded in 2006, Focus Media Indonesia establishes the out-of-home advertising network by installing super-thin flat panel displays in high traffic areas, such as elevator bank of commercial office buildings.
This broadcast medium and biz model has already proven to be highly successful in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore.

In operation for 3 years, Focus Media China’s Network now extends to over 60,000 displays in more 30,000 commercial locations across 75 cities. It went public on NASDAQ on July 2005, represents the largest NASDAQ listing of a Chinese company.
It becomes the first media advertising company from China to be listed with market cap exceeds US$ 2 billion in January 2006.

In Hong Kong, Focus Media Hong Kong has been the Television Network that reaches 1,600,000 business executives in a totally captive environment on a daily basis. The network is delivered on more than 580 of its patented, high resolution & synchronized LCD TV monitors located at the elevator waiting area at over 240 high-end business & commercial buildings in the prime business districts of Hong Kong. In addition, Focus Media Singapore reaches 500,000 business executives on a daily basis on more than 170 of its LCD TV monitors at over 80 high-end business & commercial buildings.

Focus Media Indonesia typically attract a high concentration of consumers with higher-than-average disposable income or consumers who are likely to be interested in particular types of products and services. By placing advertisements on our media network, our advertising clients can effectively target specific consumer segments.

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